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Device Permission Requests

In order to access certain features of the ONSIGHT mobile application, several device permissions are required. Permissions Here is a list of the permissions and the features they allow access to. Location Services: Allows the map tab to use your location and display field work orders around you in the map. Camera: Allows you to […]

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Using the Inventory Tab

Overview The inventory tab shows a list of all the items currently in your inventory. Scroll up and down to navigate the inventory items. To view the details for an inventory item, tap on it. Inventory Details The inventory details page shows specific details pertaining to the selected inventory item. You can tap the warehouse

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How To Send Messages

Overview The messages tab on a field work order enables easy communication between the workers and the project manager. If for example, the worker needs to notify the project manager of an issue regarding the job, the worker can easily send a message on the FWO allowing the PM to instantly be notified. On the

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