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Viewing Attachments and Uploading Images to a FWO


The Files tab on a field work order easily allows the storage of file attachments and photos of the job. Some use case examples could be:

  • Attaching an installation guide, diagram, or other instructions pertaining to the FWO.
  • Quickly and easily upload photos of a completed delivery or installation to the FWO record.

View Attachments

To view the attachments of a field work order, tap the Files tab at the bottom of the screen on any FWO. The Attachments section will list any files related to the FWO.

To view the attachment details, tap on the file of your choosing, in the list. To view the file itself, tap on View File on the file details page. The file will open with third party installed software that is already on the mobile device.

To edit the file name in the record, tap Edit when on the File Details page. The file name will then be able to be changed. Tap Save to finish making changes.

Upload Images

To upload images of the field work order, tap on the Deliverables section, or swipe left. If any, a list of existing images will be shown. There are to options for uploading an image to the FWO:

  • Take Picture: Uses the mobile device’s camera to upload taken image right away. After taking the photo, you can crop it and upload it.
  • Add Picture: Uses the mobile device’s photo gallery so you can choose an existing image to upload.

To view an image and its details, tap on the image of your choosing from the list in the Deliverables section. In order to view the image in full picture mode, tap on the image and open it with your mobile device’s browser.

To edit the name of the image on the record, tap Edit when on the Picture Details page. The image name will then be able to be changed. Tap Save to finish making changes.

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