Onsight Map Pop-Up Menu Options

All Pop-Up Menu Options Below is an example field work order pin. Information: A display of check boxes for relevant information to the field work order. High Priority: Priority level of the FWO. This field cannot be changed by the worker. Confirm ETA: Confirm the estimated time of arrival. Enroute: The worker is enroute to …

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Accessing the NetSuite Dashboard From the Map

Dashboard Access To access the NetSuite Dashboard from the map page in the Onsight bundle, first go to your profile drop-down menu in the upper right corner. Then click NetSuite Dashboard. The NetSuite Dashboard then opens in a new tab.

Signing Out of the Map (NetSuite)

When Viewing the Map When you are in the Onsight Field Service Map View, you can conveniently sign out of NetSuite by: clicking on your profile in the upper right, the click Sign Out. This will sign out of NetSuite and consequently, the Onsight NetSuite bundle.

Accessing the Map Interface

Accessing the Map Interface To access the map interface follow the path: Onsight -> Map Interface -> View Map You will then be redirected to the Onsight map.

Onsight Map Fundamentals

Onsight Map Fundamentals Menu Options Total FWOs – Displays a list of all FWOs. Filters can be added to target specific FWOs. FWOs in Progress – Displays all FWOs with a status of In Progress. Filters can be added to target Specific FWOs. FWOs to Schedule – Displays all FWOs in Draft or Pending status. …

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Adding Items From the Map

To add items to a field work order from the Onsight map, first click on the FWO pin. In the pop-up menu of the pin, click the Items icon . This is where you can view all existing items on the FWO. To add one, click Add New Items. The FWO opens in a new …

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