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Accessing Inventory Levels On the Map

There are a couple of ways to access the inventory levels of items from the Onsight map: from a pin, and from the left side menu.

View Inventory From a Pin

To view the inventory levels from a pin on the Onsight map, click on a warehouse, or similar, pin. Then click on the three boxes, inventory icon , to view the list of inventory items. The list will display the item name and how many of those items are on hand at the selected pin.

View Inventory From the Left Menu

To view the inventory levels from the left side menu, click Inventory in the menu.

The menu will display the following columns:

  • The pin icon
  • The Item name
  • The location type
  • The location
  • The number of items on hand

To view all of the columns, click the expand menu button .

To easily find an item in the list, use the search box in the upper right corner. This search field will search on any column and filter the results.

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