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Onsight Map Pop-Up Menu Options

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Below is an example field work order pin.

  • Information: A display of check boxes for relevant information to the field work order.
    • High Priority: Priority level of the FWO. This field cannot be changed by the worker.
    • Confirm ETA: Confirm the estimated time of arrival.
    • Enroute: The worker is enroute to the location.
    • Misdiagnosis: The original issue for the FWO was not the correct issue.
    • Out of Scope: The work is not covered in the contract.
    • Revisit Needed: The worker needs to revisit the location for more work at a later time.
    • Worker Notes: Any notes the worker may have about the FWO.
    • Customer Notes: Any notes the customer may have about the FWO.
    • Customer Signature: Whether the customer signed the FWO
    • SLA Response Met: Whether the service-level agreement response time was met.
    • SLA Resolution Met: Whether the service-level agreement resolution time was met.
  • Time Entries: View and add workers’ time entries on a FWO or check in and check out. See: Checking In and Out From the Map
  • Service Radius: Display the service radius of the pin on the map. See: Checking the Service Radius of a Pin
  • Items: View and add items to a FWO. See: Adding Items From the Map
  • Attachments: View and add attachments to a FWO. See: Adding File Attachments From the Map
  • Message: View and send messages on a FWO to workers. See: Adding User Messages From the Map
  • Inventory: View the inventory of items on a pin on the map. See: Accessing Inventory Levels On the Map

Pin TypeInformationTime EntriesService RadiusItemsAttachmentsMessageInventory
Field Work Order
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