Onsight Map Pop-Up Menu Options

All Pop-Up Menu Options Below is an example field work order pin. Information: A display of check boxes for relevant information to the field work order. High Priority: Priority level of the FWO. This field cannot be changed by the worker. Confirm ETA: Confirm the estimated time of arrival. Enroute: The worker is enroute to …

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Using the Map Tab

Overview The map tab is a screen where you can see an overview of the all the locations for your field work orders, marked by a pin. Navigation To move: Drag with a single finger. To zoom in on the map: Pinch with two fingers. To zoom out: Spread with two fingers. To view in …

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Accessing the Map Interface

Accessing the Map Interface To access the map interface follow the path: Onsight -> Map Interface -> View Map You will then be redirected to the Onsight map.

Onsight Map Fundamentals

Onsight Map Fundamentals Menu Options Total FWOs – Displays a list of all FWOs. Filters can be added to target specific FWOs. FWOs in Progress – Displays all FWOs with a status of In Progress. Filters can be added to target Specific FWOs. FWOs to Schedule – Displays all FWOs in Draft or Pending status. …

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Onsight Map Searches

Onsight Map Searches Additional filters can be applied to narrow the FWOs to just the ones you are interested in seeing. In the upper right, click the filter button. This will open the filter list. From here you can press Add Filter to add criteria to your search. When you are ready press Save and …

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Onsight Map Calendar

Onsight Map Calendar The map calendar shows all scheduled FWOs a monthly, weekly, daily levels. Clicking the FWO on the calendar will highlight it on the map.

Onsight Map Legend

Onsight Map Legend Each marker type has 3 attributes: Visibility is a toggle that allows you to select if the marker appears on the map. Icon is the visual representation of the marker. Description tells you what each marker represents. Service FWOs are work orders associated with service contracts, maintenance contracts, and deliveries. Project FWOs …

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Onsight Route Directions

Onsight Route Directions Onsight can be used to map out a work day and optimize drive time. Under the Directions section, hold ctrl+click on a location on the map to add it to your route (up to 8 locations). After you have selected all the destinations, check Optimize, then click Route. The most efficient path …

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