Create a New Field Work Order (FWO)

Create a New Field Work Order (FWO) Follow the path: Onsight -> Field Service -> Field Work Orders -> New Enter the mandatory information based on your companies setup/needs. Mandatory items are identified by a * next to the field name. After all the necessary information has been entered, click Save to create the FWO.

Field Work Order Badges

Field Work Order Badges Badges are visual tags that are added to an FWO through trigger events. High Priority High Priority designates an FWO that needs immediate attention due to a critical issue. ETA Confirmed The worker has confirmed their ETA for the FWO. Enroute The worker is enroute to the FWO location. Revisit Needed …

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FWO Field Definitions

Primary Information Name – Name of the FWO Record. Owner – FWO owner. Date Created – Date the FWO was created. Last Modified By – Date/time the FWO was last edited and by whom. Customer – Select the company or individual this work order pertains to. All companies or individuals that you have customer, lead, …

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Capturing Signatures in NetSuite

Capturing Signatures in NetSuite To capture a signature in NetSuite, first navigate to the field work order you wish to update. Then under the Sign-Off and Completion Section check the Add/Update Signature box. This will open a signature pad allowing you to use a mouse, stylus, or touchpad to enter a signature. Click Save to …

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Accessing Field Messages on a FWO or Entity Record

Accessing Field Messages on a FWO or Entity Record To view messages from the field on a FWO, go to the Notes subtab and select User Notes. To view messages from a specific entity, go to the entity record, Communication subtab, and select User Notes.

Accessing Location History

Accessing Location History On a field work order record, Location History is a tab toward the bottom of the page. Under Location History you can find all FWOs associated with the location on the FWO record, allowing you to quickly review any past/ongoing work at a location.

Create a New Time Log

Create a New Time log Follow the path Onsight -> Field Service -> FWO Time Log -> New First select the field work order you want to apply the time log to. Next select the worker for this time log. Add a check in/check out date and time. Finally, a memo for the time log …

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FWO Related Records

FWO Related Records On the FWO record, the Related Records tab holds information about other NetSuite records, with a reference to the FWO. Under the Related Records tab you will find the following fields and subtabs: Parent FWO Record – The original field work order record where the scope of work was incomplete and required …

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Add Attachments to a FWO

Add Attachments to a Field Work Order Attachments can be added to new and existing field work orders to provide additional information, sign off sheets, documentation, and etc. to workers.

Creating a Revisit

Creating a Revisit for a Field Work Order When a FWO is unable to be completed due to certain circumstances, the FWO can be flagged for a revisit. When the FWO is flagged for a revisit, a Revisit Needed badge will appear at the top of the FWO. See Field Work Order Badges for a …

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