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Updating Field Work Order Details


The field work order details page lists the many details of a FWO in one place. To get to this page, tap on any FWO on the Map tabMy Work tab, or Calendar tab.

Edit Details

To edit the details, swipe to the bottom of the page and tap Edit. The fields in the Field Information group are editable.

  • High Priority: Priority level of the FWO. This field cannot be changed by the worker.
  • Confirm ETA: Confirm the estimated time of arrival.
  • Enroute: The worker is enroute to the location.
  • Misdiagnosis: The original issue for the FWO was not the correct issue.
  • Out of Scope: The work is not covered in the contract.
  • Revisit Needed: The worker needs to revisit the location for more work at a later time.
  • Worker Notes: Any notes the worker may have about the FWO.
  • Customer Notes: Any notes the customer may have about the FWO.

Remember to tap Save when finished making changes.

Signing Off a FWO

On completion of a job, the field work order must be signed off.

To do so, open the FWO details page. Then scroll to the bottom and tap on either Printed Name or Signature fields.

The FWO signature page will then open. This is where the FWO is signed-off, by drawing in the signature box. To clear the signature and try again, tap the Clear button at the bottom. Enter the signee’s name in the Signee Name field. Once completed, tap Save to sign and mark the FWO as completed.

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