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Onsight Map Fundamentals

Onsight Map Fundamentals

Menu Options
  • Total FWOs – Displays a list of all FWOs. Filters can be added to target specific FWOs.
  • FWOs in Progress – Displays all FWOs with a status of In Progress. Filters can be added to target Specific FWOs.
  • FWOs to Schedule – Displays all FWOs in Draft or Pending status. Filters can be added to target specific FWOs.
  • Calendar – Provided an overview of FWOs. The calendar can display FWOs by month, week or day.
  • Map Legend – Provides a list of icons, as well as the ability to toggle those icons on and off.
  • Directions – Displays a route calculated on selected addresses, as well as travel distance and estimated travel time.
  • Inventory – Displays a list of inventory locations and the their location type.
Map Pins
  • FWOs – FWO map markers are displayed above locations that have an FWO associated with it. FWO markers include Service, Project, Pending, Cancelled, completed, & High Priority. Customized FWO markers can also be created.
  • Locations – Location markers display Inventory locations. Most are static signifying a stationary building or lot, but vehicle locations update their current location on the map via GPS though the app.
  • Pegman – drag and drop the pegman to go into street view.
User Filters

User filters can be created to display FWOs that meet specific criteria.

User Menu
  • NetSuite Dashboard – Returns the user to the NetSuite Dashboard.
  • Change Email – Takes the user to the Change Email page in NetSuite.
  • Change Password – Takes the user to the Change Password page in NetSuite.
  • Help Documentation – Takes the user to the Onsight Wiki.
  • Sign Out – Signs the User out of NetSuite.
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