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FWO Related Records

FWO Related Records

On the FWO record, the Related Records tab holds information about other NetSuite records, with a reference to the FWO. Under the Related Records tab you will find the following fields and subtabs:

  • Parent FWO Record – The original field work order record where the scope of work was incomplete and required a revisit.
    This field is populated automatically when creating a revisit record from the parent, and it will list this record as a child record under the Related Records subtab.
  • Related Case – The case that this FWO was created from.
  • Related Transaction – The associated transaction record that the FWO was created from.
  • Related Invoice – The invoice that was created from the field work order.
  • Related Project – The project that this FWO was created from.
  • Related Project Task – The project task that this FWO was created from.
  • Revisits (Subtab) – Lists all revisit FWOs related to the parent FWO. A revisit FWO can be created by clicking New Field Work Order under the Revisits subtab.
  • Transactions (Subtab) – Contains a list of all transactions related to the FWO.
  • Projects (Subtab) – Contains a list of all projects related to the FWO.

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