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Creating a Revisit

Creating a Revisit for a Field Work Order

When a FWO is unable to be completed due to certain circumstances, the FWO can be flagged for a revisit.

When the FWO is flagged for a revisit, a Revisit Needed badge will appear at the top of the FWO.

See Field Work Order Badges for a list of all badges.

There are two methods for creating a revisit:

Method 1

On a FWO flagged for Revisit, click the Create Revisit button. (Pictured above)

This is the preferred method. All field information will be auto populated based on the parent work order, making the creation of a revisit quick and easy.

If the Create Revisit button isn’t available, you can use Method 2.

Method 2

Under Related Records -> Revisits, you can click the New Field Work Order button to create a revisit.

Using this method, the Parent FWO Record field will be auto populated, but all other relevant fields will need to be completed before saving.

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