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Creating a New FWO Item

Creating a New Field Work Order Item

There are two methods to begin the creation of a new FWO item:

  1. Follow the path Onsight -> Field Service -> FWO Item -> New.
  2. On the associated FWO, under the Items tab click New FWO Item (make sure any changes you have made are saved before you navigate away from the page.)

There are a number of fields to fill out to create the item:

  • Associated FWO* – The associated Field Work Order that the line item was added to. If you began by clicking the New FWO Item button on the FWO this field will be auto populated. Otherwise, create a new FWO from the plus icon.
  • Item* – The inventory or service item required to complete the Field Work Order. When creating a FWO from a transaction, line items will be automatically added at creation. When billing the FWO record, these items will be automatically populated on the invoice.
  • Description – A description of the line item, why it was added to the FWO, or additional information about the service item.
  • Quantity* – The quantity of the inventory item, or the number of service hours.
  • Tracking # – The tracking number supplied by the carrier, upon shipping inventory items.
  • Return Tracking # – The return tracking number supplied by the carrier upon shipping inventory items.
  • Ship Status – The carrier’s shipment status of the tracking #.
  • Return Ship Status – The carrier’s shipment status of the return tracking #.

(* mandatory fields)

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